Leading Innovation for Advancing Efficiency in the Plastics Industry


Leading Innovation for Advancing Efficiency in the Plastics Industry

Plastics are increasingly one of society’s materials of choice because of their superior performance, affordability and life-cycle benefits compared to alternatives. The plastics industry in India is thriving, with a CAGR of 6.6% expected from 2022 to 2027, reaching approximately USD 56.42 billion by 2027. With anticipated growth, there is a growing trend among plastics manufacturers to implement methods that will make operations clean and efficient. Here, advanced lubrication solutions and servicing are playing an important role in contributing to the industry’s consistent success while maintaining growth and mitigating negative environmental consequences.

Plastics manufacturers expect their equipment to consistently produce high-quality parts and products, whether in long runs or short custom campaigns. This necessitates the use of superior equipment technology and proper lubrication. Here, Mobil industrial lubricants have a long and successful record of service in the plastics industry, ensuring the uninterrupted performance of such high-quality equipment while achieving efficiency at scale.

Sustainable product solutions

Mobil has been a pioneer in developing dependable, long-lasting lubricants with exceptional performance for over 150 years. Mobil’s global network of highly experienced equipment builder engineers collaborates closely with customers and leading equipment builders to provide unique insights into their new technology and lubrication needs. This enables Mobil’s research scientists and lubricant formulators to create cutting-edge lubricants from the ground up, allowing them to be highly effective in the equipment they lubricate while meeting or exceeding stringent requirements. A few key offerings for plastic manufacturers include the Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils that help reduce power consumption and increase machine output. These oils help keep modern hydraulic systems cleaner for longer and have been proven to boost hydraulic efficiency by up to 6 per cent*. Similarly, the Mobil DTE 20 Ultra Series oils are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils with extended oil life capabilities and have demonstrated up to 2-times longer oil drain intervals versus similar competitive oils. Mobil’s newest innovation is the biodegradable, minimally toxic and energy-efficient Mobil SHC Aware H Series hydraulic oils that comprises high performance, anti-wear hydraulic oils designed to provide long equipment life and meet the demand for environmentally acceptable hydraulic lubricants.

Top-notch services

Along with its superior lubricants, Mobil offers a wide range of services to help businesses optimize their maintenance schedules and machine availability and meet their objectives for productivity, environmental responsibility, and safety. The filtration service by Mobil is improving filter barrier performance and efficiency with performance polymers. The filtration service provides excellent filtration efficiency and barrier properties, reduces manufacturing energy demand and promotes clean efficient fabric processing.

Mobil is also integrating the benefits of IIoT in mainstream operations. For instance, the Mobil Serv IIoT Insights is proving to be game-changing in integrating automation with manufacturing efficiency. For plastic manufacturers, it is a critical cloud-based solution that turns insights into action, taking businesses towards improved efficiency and overall productivity. This platform brings special benefits with AI/ML, automated monitoring and precise analysis that directly benefit machine performance and manufacturing efficiency.

The Indian economy depends heavily on the plastic industry, which is growing at a promising rate. By developing cutting-edge smart product solutions, services, and packaging, Mobil can play a significant role in fostering innovation by assisting the industry in boosting productivity, maximising output, and paving the way for increased profitability.

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