Fibre Optic Cables Satisfy the “Bandwidth Hunger”


Fibre Optic Cables Satisfy the “Bandwidth Hunger”

Streaming, e-commerce, communication, gaming, media libraries and television – ever-increasing, higher volumes of data must reach the recipient quicker nowadays. In addition to the demands from the end-consumer, the requirements of the industry are also rising due to the increasing number of machine parameters and production parameters and due to real-time transmission in factory plants. Challenges which fibre optic cables can overcome. And thereby a mission for manufacturers of cables and cable-making machinery or equipment.

Investments in new cable networks
The worldwide fibre-optic expansion is in full swing – because the “bandwidth hunger” is continuously growing. Therefore, continuous investment is being implemented in the expansion and modernisation of cable networks. Cable manufacturers with suitable plants and systems for glass fibre production: For this purpose, in addition to the machinery needed for the pure production process in the drawing tower, primarily extruders, unwinders, winders, storage, extractors and cooling channels are required. Various measuring systems determine the diameter, the smallest-possible wall thickness, minimum wall thickness, eccentricity and quality of the cables during production. Software applications also play a decisive role in production.

Solutions for cables and cable machinery
But the demands on the fibre optic cable, which utilises light signals in order to achieve faster transmission speeds than copper cables, are high. In order to ensure the correct quality of the cable, bundle conductors must be sheathed with a tube as a protective sheath in order to withstand moisture and tensile force in the long term. In addition, the cables must also become even thinner at high information density, as the space available in overhead catenary cables, cable ducts and optoelectronic assemblies is limited.

In a digital world, fibre optic cables are undoubtedly the method for the future. So there is still a great deal to be done in the cable industry – and with its solutions, it is now facing up to the high challenges. To ensure that the transformation succeeds quickly and always ensure high quality!

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