EL.MOTION – Newest Generation of Integrated Linear and Rotary Drives


EL.MOTION – Newest  Generation of Integrated Linear and Rotary Drives

There are currently very clear technical challenges in mechanical and plant engineering: modernization, simplification and standardization. At the same time, extreme flexibility and agility are expected in the face of constantly changing requirements. This actual contradiction often leads to conflicting objectives in practical implementation. Drive technology plays a central role here.
It is therefore high time to provide solutions for quick, simple and safe adaptation of drive units. Erhardt+Leimer has recognized the signs of the times and is setting new standards for Industry 4.0 with its ultra-modern EL.MOTION drive concept.

EL.MOTION – Newest generation of integrated linear and rotary drives
Under the EL.MOTION brand Erhardt+Leimer offers now two types of brushless motors with integrated controller: linear drives of type AG and rotary drives of type AD. By the use of these motors the E+L actuating drives guarantee the highest control accuracy and control dynamics. They can be used for position control, speed control, or torque control and are particularly suitable for applications where very quiet operation and long service life are key. The combination of distributed intelligence with a dedicated interface concept allows a decentralized drive topology to be implemented that greatly reduces wiring and space requirements in the control cabinet, thereby saving high costs and resources for the customer.

A wide range of communication standards is available for these drives together with a large number of sensors and input/output modules.
All the drives come with web-based management on board as standard. This means that when the motor is connected via Ethernet, it can be addressed from the browser of a PC, allowing to check and adjust settings or query the current status. E+L also places great value on open connectivity and offers open access via Ethernet/UDP or certified standard protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, Profinet, and Powerlink.
Space-saving design due to integrated control electronics
Simple configuration via web-based management with standard web browser
Wear-free, brushless drive technology
Determination of absolute position
High-resolution multiturn encoder
Safe Torque Off (STO) function available as an option for functional safety

Splice overlap length measurement with EL.SPLICE
EL.SPLICE uses laser distance sensors to monitor the behavior of overlapping rubber strips that are stuck together. This measurement system always consists of a pair of sensors: One above and the other below the material. These overlap areas are measured lengthwise by one, two, or three measuring systems in a gap between two conveyor belts.

Easy to integrate into the production line
Compact sensor design
Mounting mechanism/bracket for easy integration into the machine

Easy operation, setup and quality control
User-friendly interface for commissioning
Monitoring of overlap, thickness, and angle at up to 3 measuring points with up to 30 kHz scan frequency Erhardt+Leimer 

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