Clariant at NPE2024: Balancing Efficiency and Sustainability with Greater Chemistry


Clariant at NPE2024: Balancing Efficiency and Sustainability with Greater Chemistry

  • Clariant to showcase a portfolio of next-generation additives at The Plastics Show in Florida in May
  • Discover more sustainable and efficient, high-performance rice bran wax alternatives to conventional fossil-based carbon waxes
  • Find out more about Clariant’s growing AddWorks portfolio with new stabilizers
  • Also on show is a best-in-class halogen-free flame retardant for e-mobility

NPE2024 in Florida this May sets the stage for Clariant to showcase its latest additive solutions that deliver on both performance and sustainability

At the largest plastics trade show in the Americas and one of the most innovative business events in the world, Clariant’s solutions, balancing efficiency, and sustainability, will be on display to the 50-thousand leaders attending NPE, representing every industry from automotive to packaging and consumer products to construction.

Sustainability and innovation are key themes at Clariant, our passionate teams create cutting-edge solutions that answer the challenges of today and anticipate the ones of tomorrow” said Miao Zhigang, Head of Clariant’s Polymer Solutions business. “We’re looking forward to new collaborations with NPE2024 visitors to generate value and discover the path for a responsible use of resources.”

Licocare RBW Vita waxes accelerating the transition to renewable-based products, while driving more efficiency to our customers

Clariant’s Licocare RBW Vita waxes are based on renewable bio-based rice bran wax feedstocks, a non-food raw material with at least 98% Renewable Carbon Index. They are well positioned to drive the chemical industry’s transition from fossil- to renewable-based carbon materials.

With superior performance and sustainability, they are a natural replacement to traditional coal-based montan waxes. Licocare RBWs are well suited for many polymers particularly Nylon, Polyester, PVC, and other engineering polymers. They offer the same attributes of lubrication, dispersion, release, and nucleation as their montan wax equivalents while supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability and efficiency targets.

Clariant grows its AddWorks portfolio with new stabilizers

Clariant is continuously developing its portfolio of additive solutions for the plastics industry to address technical challenges including light, thermal, and process stabilization, as well as flame retardancy. The AddWorks line focuses on both unique chemistries with specific performances and safer physical forms for easing material handling and processing.

AddWorks TFB 117 helps to improve the quality of nylon fibers, stabilizing and smoothing fiber production process. It protects color, improves heat stability and the mechanical properties of nylon fibers, ensuring smooth spinnability with less filament breakage, even at lower temperatures or high speeds.

AddWorks AGC 970 G and 102 G are new state-of-the-art light stabilization solutions for mulch and greenhouse films-key applications within the agricultural plastic film industry. The AddWorks AGC portfolio strives to address current and future market needs across the agricultural film industry, such as high crop yields, intensified use of agrochemicals and more sustainable use of plastics.

Exolit OP 1400 – sustainability and performance for e-mobility

Clariant’s Exolit OP 1400 is a high performance, halogen-free flame retardant addressing a key trend in e-mobility – charging at higher voltages for a faster charge.

The flow of 1000 volts in a modern charger, for example, compared to 12 volts to charge a traditional ICE battery requires a different risk scenario e.g. materials passing higher fire standards and increased tracking resistance. Exolit OP 1400 meets these requirements.

In addition, the Exolit OP Terra version, based on renewable carbon, will help the industry in the transition towards higher circularity.

Clariant is continuously developing its portfolio of additive solutions for the plastics industry to address technical challenges


“The new facility in Dayabay, China is completed and ready to support the rapidly growing worldwide demand for halogen-free solutions,” comments Miao. “With operating sites now in two continents, our customers who manufacture innovative and more sustainable fire protection in E-mobility, electronics, transportation and 5G communications can rely on Clariant’s high-quality products and services, especially in times of global supply chain disruptions.”

By combining innovation and sustainability criteria, Clariant’s solutions create products that are safe and more sustainable by design, have a leading performance, and tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges we face today. Together with its customers, Clariant contributes to the global shift towards a more sustainable world.

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